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Beware of Deceptive Lottery Offers!
How Often Have You Read Words Like This In A Direct Mail Letter?

"YOU HAVE WON US$1,200,343!" (with your name personalized somewhere in the headline). This is usually followed by a request to send money (US$30 or more) either as "payment tax" or a "processing fee" before you receive your "prize money".

How often have you or your friends actually received the "prize money" they claimed you won? Let's face it. Never. How can you possibly win a prize in a lottery you never even entered in the first place? These kinds of offers are deceptive and worthless. So be warned.

These Notices are Cleverly and Convincingly Written, Certainly Deceptive and Utterly Fraudulent., in common with other legitimate agents for overseas government lotteries, are deeply concerned by the proliferation of lottery scams like this being offered through direct mail and email around the world.

Not only do the opportunists who operate these scams deceive thousands of people and steal money from them under false pretenses, but they tarnish the integrity of the entire lottery industry. has created this section in its corporate website in an effort to inform the public of the worst and most deceptive of these lottery scams. The samples shown below are actual "offers" received by ordinary citizens and even veteran lottery players. These are lottery offers which you (and your friends) should absolutely avoid entering because you'll never receive any cash prize whatsoever.

Too many people have fallen for these false promises, so don't be the next victim. Should you receive a deceptive mailing offer promising you a large cash prize which "you've already won", please send a copy of these materials either to your local police authority or to at the postal and email addresses listed below.

You're a Sweepstake Lottery Winner
You've won at Iwon Lottery
Diamond Lottery Scam
More Diamong Lotto Scheme
You've just won 1.5 Euros
The Crystal Lottery Scam
Congratulations from the Int'l Lotto UK
Fountain Email Lottery
Hey, this money is all yours
El Gordo Sweepstake Fraud
El Gordo Scam 1
First Securities Finance House
El Gordo Scam 2
El Gordo Scam 3
El Gordo Scam 4

Apart from Lottery and Sweepstakes, there are also other scams circulating by mail and email. One of them is the so-called African "419" scam-named after a relevant section of the Nigerian Criminal Code.

The scams involve a number of schemes, all designed to dupe victims into shelling out varying amounts of money. The conmen typically send letters through mail, fax, or the internet, claiming to have acquired or inherited large sums of money, sometimes purporting it to be "excess government or bank funds". They seek the victim's help to supply a foreign bank account number to be used to transfer the "funds" out of Africa.

The victim is promised a huge commission in return. These offers are bogus and the victims are often duped into paying large sums in up front payments, purportedly as taxes or fees in order to transfer the funds.

These are just some of the most circulated samples of 419 Correspondence:
The US$15.3-Million KABILA Fund
Become a Greek Heir
SEKO Swiss Bank Accounts
Lady ABACHA'S Millions
WANTED: Partners in Crime
A US$15 Billion Oil Slick
Appeal From A President's Son
Looking for Overseas Account Holders

Your best defense against unscrupulous firms is to stay vigilant. Here are a few things you could do to protect yourself.
1. Be wary of companies that try to sell you "get-rich-quick" schemes promising very high returns. These notices are cleverly and convincingly written, certainly deceptive and utterly fraudulent. Remember: if their offer sounds too good to be true, it most probably is.
2. Do not sign any documents that you have not read or fully understood as you may be bound to fulfill legal obligations under the agreement.
3. Do your own background check on the company before making any decisions.
4. Seek legal advice from your lawyers when in doubt or, if you are already caught in such a scheme to find out if you can take any action against or recover money from the firm.
5. Should you really wish to join overseas lotteries, make sure you avail of the services of legitimate lottery companies such as Companies such as ours have years of excellent service and clean track records under our belts, not to mention thousands of satisfied customers who continue to subscribe to us.
6. If you receive any such offer, do not hesitate to report them to your local police and forward the correspondence to's SCAM WATCH so we can post them on this website.

419 Legal are very active & most helpful in stopping fraudulent operators and their deceptive websites.

We report all incidents of fraudulent activity to 419 Legal. Click Here for more

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