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Spanish El Gordo
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Spanish El Gordo

Here's your chance to enter the SPAINISH EL GORDO LOTTERY with a GROUP PLAY Subscription - You can have 378,140 Chances to Win US$3.47 BILLION in El Gordo this year!

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Multiply Your Chances of Winning an El Gordo Prize by 10x!

It's common practice among the Spanish to team up and pool money with friends to buy one or more tickets in El Gordo.

It makes sense to play in a Group... It's cheaper, for one thing, and you can buy several tickets instead of spending a larger amount to buy just one.

Join El Gordo Group Play, and share 10 El Gordo tickets - to get ten times the chances to win one or more of the cash prizes on offer!

El Gordo provides the best odds of winning a cash prize. With an EL GORDO GROUP PLAY, you multiply your chances of landing a windfall. Even the 2nd and 3rd Winning Ticket holders win millions of Euros, so even if your Group wins Third Prize, your take of the winnings is still a modest fortune!

Best of all, because you're playing in a Group, the full entry cost is divided among the share holders so you pay less. You can own 1 El Gordo Group share for just a fraction of the normal cost.

The more shares you own, the bigger your share of the group prize money!

Tickets in the next EL GORDO draw are now selling fast.
  Draw January March May July November December
  Total Cash Payout
US$1.2 Billion US$110 Million US$101.6 Million US$168 Million US$116.5 Million US$3.47 Billion
  First Prizes
US$120 Million US$12.5 Million US$12.1 Million US$24 Million US$14 Million US$876.04 Million
  Second Prize
US$60 Million US$3
US$12 Million US$2.8 Million US$292 Million
  Prize Winners
37,812 37,152 37,152 37,814 37,891 13,334
  Winning Odds
1-in-3 1-in-3 1-in-3 1-in-3 1-in-3 1-in-6
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